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I've been pondering what I would like for a passenger line. The legendary Blue Comet with a set of Madison passenger cars comes to mind immediately. But an antique Lionel Blue Comet set can break the bank.

What about MTH? MTH has the Premier Jersey Central P47 4-6-2 Pacific Blue Comet Specialty Passenger Set. This set, with four passenger cars, is about the same price as the Lionel PS-4 - Southern #1403 (The Green Bullet). With the Green Bullet, I would then need to choose and purchase suitable passenger cars since I have seen none that are designed to go with it.

Does anyone have any opinions about MTH vs Lionel? Lionel is legendary of course, though some may disagree with the current quality and desirability of Lionel trains.

I would like to design a layout using the Lionel TMCC system, and I don't know if MTH supports the concept, or has their own system. What I don't want to happen is to become stuck with two disparate systems on my hands.

The latest Lionel Chessie Diesel loco with TMCC doesn't even seem to be available yet. Here I sit with an eclectic set of rolling stock ready for a Chessie diesel to pull them, and no loco to do the job (other than the Polar Express 2-8-4 Berkshire.)

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The MTH DSC system will handle TMC engines very well by adding a TMC Command unit to it. You cannot add DSC control to Lionel's system.

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Chuck Kimbrough

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