HO F Unit passenger pilot?

I am detailing an Atlas Ph2 FP7 to match photos I have of Milwaukee

104A,C-105A,C. These 4 engines appear to be equipped with the EMD 'passenger' style pilot. I know of the cast metal one from either Detail Associates or Details West, but after looking at one in a hobby shop last Sunday, I did not feel it was worth the $10.50 price. I seem to remember someone had a white plastic passenger pilot available a while back. Looking through a Walthers 2004 catalog, I see a Cal-Scale passenger pilot for $11.25, and a Detail Associates passenger pilot for 5.95. Are either of these the 'plastic' set I seem to remember? Also, is it possible to get a Highliners/Athearn or a Intermountain F passenger pilot as a seperate part? If all fails, I guess I can use .010 styrene to build a 'wrapper' for the existing 'freight' pilot.

Jim Bernier

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Jim Bernier
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I have a Highliners passenger pilot left over. I will never use it as the Western Pacific never did. They come with the coupler draft gear blanking piece as well. I will take a pic of it first to make sure its the right style. I used the freight pilots so I,m sure the spare I have is what you want. I live in New Zealand so if you it is going to be of any use to you I'll have to send it at my cost or whats the point. I'm sure won't break the bank. The other thing is I'm not sure how well it will fit the Atlas body. You may have to heat it a bit a bend it into shape to conform with the Atlas body.

Let me know. In the mean time is the snipped-for-privacy@nospam.hotmail.com addy ok to send the pic to??


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I also have an extra Highliners passenger pilot you can have. I don't know where you are but I might be a bit closer to you than New Zealand. I live in Irvine California. I checked the pilot against an Atlas body and found the height and width to be good but, like Nigel indicated, the curvature is a bit different and may present a problem. I don't know if you could successfully warp the pilot to fit right. I'd consider modifying the contour of the pilot with something like epoxy putty or something like that. If you went that route you'd want to do it before attaching the pilot permanently to the body -- it's just a lot easier to work on that way. My guess is it will be quite a bit of work to make the Highliners pilot look right on the Atlas shell. You might want to find out if there is a replacement pilot like you want that is made to fit the Atlas FP7 shell. Even if it is ten bucks or so it would probably be worth it.

Jim Bright

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