Rivarossi Passenger Cars

Can anyone comment about Rivarossi passenger cars? Do they use
European-style couplers? Are they easily modified? What is the overall
quality, compared to a top-of-the-line manufacturer?
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Rivarossi _is_ a top-of-the-line manufacturer. The cars have excellent body mouldings, and other manufactureres have caught up to their quality only in the last decade or less. Their wheels are undersize and have oversize flanges, though, so I replace wheels and sometimes trucks, too. They use a horn-hook coupler in a non-NMRA draft gear on the trucks. If you want to reaplce these, McHenry makes knuckle couplers that fit - different ones for different car-truck combos. Body mounted couplers can be used if your curves are at least 24" radius. KD makes long-shank couplers for long cars. Weight is on the light side, even on the cars with interior detail.
These cars are as easily modified as any other plastic cars. IOW - the amount of work depends on your vision of the perfect kitbash. :-) You can use brass side overlays for different window arrangements.
Have fun!
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