HELP!! Get me started

Hi Everyone:
I could use some help. I've always turned to enthusiast newsgroups for
advice and never been steered wrong, unlike the stuff that's out there on
the web.
Anyway, my father-in-law wants to build a pretty big model railroad for his
three grandsons. He's envisioning three separate sets on one large
landscape, say 8x10 or larger. He already has a small Lionel set so he wants
to go that route if possible.
1. Could someone recommend a bid train/hobby store in the NYC area?
2. Can someone recommend how to get started? My F.I.L. is a great craftsman,
and wouldn't have any problems following plans. But where can he get good
plans and a materials list?
Any other helpful advice would be appreciated.
Thanks a ton for your time,
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Bill T.
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Buy a copy of Classic Toy Trains, which will steer you to the stores, and they will steer you to the necessary information and supplies. Model Railroader and Railroad Model Craftsman, although aimed more at scale mdoelelrs, also have loads of useful information, ads, and hobby shop listings.
The link below will also help you get started. There are nice kid-suited projects on his site, so the grandsons can get involved in building the layout. Be warned: "Thor" provides lots of links, and you may spend far too much time browsing... but I bet you know that already. :-)
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You may end up working with your FIL. The model train bug knows no mercy. :-)
Good Luck and Have Fun.
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Wolf Kirchmeir
If you can travel to the Rockland/NJ border, look up "Hudson Shores Hobby Shop".
Also, there is a Train Meet in Greenwich, CT. A train meet is a flea market for trains. This is on March 20th. Call either 607 326 7317 and ask for Doug Kadow. He can tell you more about it. Also tell him Frank Rosenbaum says HI.
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Frank A. Rosenbaum

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