Help please R965 controllers

Hi Guys,

Context: I am not a model railway enthusiast but I am an electronics engineer. I have had a call from my distressed father who has managed to ?break' his grandsons train set (my sisters son) during a major expansion exercise. They live 300 miles north of me in Glasgow and have no electrical knowledge have phoned me pleading for help.

So from what I have gathered there is now three loops (all not working) running from three Hornby R965 controllers with three transformers. I quizzed my father closely and he tells me that the tracks all electrically connect when the points are closed.

Q1) This puzzles me how can the outputs of two/three bi-polar controllers be connect together without damage.? How should this work?

Q2) Do these controllers have any resetable protection? I presume the transformer have.

I am going to some fun tomorrow trying to sort this over the phone tomorrow (Sun 11/1/04) and could do with some more knowledge from you guys.

I have sent the old man out to buy a multimeter but that is just asking for even more problems.

Cheers for now Graham

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Graham Law
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"Graham Law" wrote

No problem providing they are wired using *common return*.

Internal thermal cutout, presumably electronic, but could be mechanical.


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