Can anyone please help this Dutch engine collector

Please see below the content and my reply to a messages I have received
from a Dutch engine collector.
From: "J.L.H.M.Scholten"
> Subject: alco featherweight engine
"Yesterday I purchased an Alco featherweight engine manufactured by
Arthur Lyon & co (engeneers) ltd. Ref no 425/677 ser no 10362. Please
could you give me some background information about this item and
perhaps some restoration and maintenance info. It looks as it comes from
the military (it is painted green) and fully operational."
Hans Scholten
My Reply:
*Sorry for the delay in my reply. While I have some photos of
stationary engines on my site, my main interest is Vintage Tractors, my
knowledge on stationary engines is very limited. If you have access to
news groups there are a bunch of very clued up engine people who post to
this news group: news:uk.rec.engines.stationary If you post your
request there I am sure that they will make you very welcome.
I am aware that many Internet users are not aware of news groups
(Usenet) or how to use them. If this applies to you a search in Google
for Usenet or newsgroups should provide you with the information you
need to get started. If you find that daunting I will, if you give me
permission post your message to the group for you.*

Reply from Hans giving me permission to forward his request to the
"would you please post my request to that newsgroup? I myself can't get
The email address for Hans is: perhaps users of this
group who can help him would be kind enough to get in touch with him.
Reply to
Richard H Huelin
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