Please double check the headers in your replies...

The forgeries you've seen in your news group are the product of an entity collectively known as "Dippy" to "" users. His attacks consists Posting Forgeries & Cross Posting to random (often conflicting) newsgroups with the "Followup-To" header set to NANAE. He's also been known to do direct attacks, by forging a NANAE regular's email addresses in a "reactive" post to several random news groups.

Because of this NANAE (and several regulars) have become flooded by these "What The F***!" posts, none of which are as easily filtered out as the tens of thousands of the Sporgeries a day we usually get from this little Slimer.

If you reply to any of these posts you're just adding to this distributed attack on our newsgroup:

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No response to these forgeries is the best response; we do not want to see them, and we're more then capable of filter out this "Dip Slime" in our own group. So if you must respond to any of the posts, please be kind, and only reply to the newsgroup you read it from.

Thank You.

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Ok, so any dipshirt, or collection of dipshirts, who uses the "hipcrime" software or a functional equivelent (which isn't terribly difficult to do) gets personified as hipcrime and nobody cares accept NANAE, and they only care enough to shotgun out more posts to groups where other dipshirts responded without looking at what groups they were responding to. This is more a case of social engineering than any technical wizardry. I only point this out in case any of you young geeks are getting starry eyed ;)

P.S. I still am not convinced that what we witnessed fits the traditional "hipcrime" M.O. but I'm not a dippy expert either. Ah well, they could trash the whole web and I wouldn't care right now. Poor drowned bastards. Happy $#^%@#$ new gregorian year.

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