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Nice complexity. What scale are we talking? 1/32 hasegawa? tia,
The Keeper (of too much crap!)
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one's need for the power process through surrogate activities or through identification with an organization, rather then through pursuit of real goals. THE MOTIVES OF SCIENTISTS 87. Science and technology provide the most important examples of surrogate activities. Some scientists claim that they are motivated by "curiosity," that notion is simply absurd. Most scientists work on highly specialized problem that are not the object of any normal curiosity. For example, is an astronomer, a mathematician or an entomologist curious about the properties of isopropyltrimethylmethane? Of course not. Only a chemist is curious about such a thing, and he is curious about it only because chemistry is his surrogate activity. Is the chemist curious about the appropriate classification of a new species of beetle? No. That question is of interest only to the entomologist, and he is interested in it only because entomology is his surrogate activity. If the chemist and the entomologist had to exert themselves seriously to obtain the physical necessities, and if that effort exercised their abilities in an interesting way but in some nonscientific pursuit, then they couldn't giver a damn ab
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William L. Powell
out as planned. 109. The American Revolution does not provide a counterexample. The American "Revolution" was not a revolution in our sense of the word, but a war of independence followed by a rather far-reaching political reform. The Founding Fathers did not change the direction of development of American society, nor did they aspire to do so. They only freed the development of American society from the retarding effect of British rule. Their political reform did not change any basic trend, but only pushed American political culture along its natural direction of development. British society, of which American society was an off-shoot, had been moving for a long time in the direction of representative democracy. And prior to the War of Independence the Americans were already practicing a significant degree of representative democracy in the colonial assemblies. The political system established by the Constitution was modeled on the British system and on the colonial assemblies. With major alteration, to be sure - there is no doubt that the Founding Fathers took a very important step. But it was a step along the road the English-speaking world was already traveling. The proof is that Br
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Enzo Matrix
That was a forged post by a USENET vandal known as "hipcrime". Dippy hates USENET, and especially it hates news.admin.net-abuse.email, so it wrote a piece of abuseware known as "newsagent" that allows it to forge supercede posts and force follow-ups to flood NANAE with thousands of "WTF" posts such as yours.
What to do about it is simple. First, look at the headers of a few forged posts, and filter on the commonly identifiable elements. Lately dipy's been abusing news servers in northern Europe. If you subscribe to a service such as Supernews, the filtering is already done for you. Second, if you feel you NUST reply to a dippyspew post, look very carefully at where the post will be sent before you send it. This will ensure that you don't accidentally pollute another group thus doing dippy's vandalism for it. Third, now that you're immune to this id10t, join in the defense by posting a message similar to this one whenever you see a dippyspew in your newsgroup. The more people who know about dippy, the less damage it can do.
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Jeff C
Yes that crap was all over usenet. I was going to ask if it was some kind of trojan but you answered my question, Jeff. Thanks.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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