Italeria 1/12 Cockpit Kits

I was browsing at the local hobby shop today and saw an Italeria 1/12
F-16 Cockpit Kit. I guess these have been around for a while. Has
anyone built one of these? It looked like it might be an interesting
item to build and display along side the aircraft.
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I got the f-16 it is a real nice kit. It is highly detailed they even give you fabric belts. They have an f-15 I think as well. The kits are old but they just reissued them about 6 months a year. If the box is red and yellow it is the original kit.
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I also have built the F16 cockpit and I'll give it two thumbs up.
FWIW, I think they only did the F16 and the F104. IIRC, they had grandiose plans at one time to do many more...dunno why they didn't.
Jay Beckman Chandler, AZ
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"Jay" wrote in news:1154669117.445682.193950
I havent build the F-16 cockpit (yet) but I have one in my collection/stash and it seems to me that it can be built in a very decent and interesting model. As far as I can remember a lot of the knobs and switches are seperate parts so painting, although being a pain, can turnout to become a very neat job.
It's 1/12th so a little detailing will not be too flimsy and small to do, if necessary (I hate this word, I never know if I spelled it right) at all.
I seem to recall that Verlinden also wrote a book about this particular kit. Or at least he wrote a chapter about it in one. Which would be a good guide line.
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