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As I'm in the process of acquiring a vintage ('78) BMW R100RS
Motorsport, and there is at least one 1/12 scale plastic kit of it,
I'm wondering if there may be a second.
I've once built a Matchbox kit of this bike, painting it the black-
fogged-onto-metallic-red airbrush scheme they used (and in the
process, necessitating complete repaints of damaged panels whenever
the fogging was scratched). In fact, if anyone would like to buy this
scale model, email me and we'll talk. I won't necessarily need two of
'em around.
However, I'm gettin' the white one and I don't want to a.) strip the
one I have back down to its original puke green or b.) start with
another puke green Matchbox and repaint it white unless I have to.
I've seen an Aoshima R100RS on ebay that appears to be molded in white
at about twice the cost or more. There are also IMAI BMW 'boxers'.
Is the Matchbox the same mold as either IMAI or Aoshima? The Matchbox
was a bit 'fussy' to build, but not too bad for a bike kit. I can
live with it if it's the only one out there - or substantially cheaper
than the others.
Is an IMAI likely to be the same mold as an Aoshima?
If it's not the same, is the Aoshima better or worse? I think I know
the answer, but a voice of experience would make me feel better about
Does the Aoshima come with the hard side bags? I can't see them in
the photos of this kit, but they're included in at least one IMAI BMW
bike kit. I'd like them since I'll have them on my 1:1 - even if I do
have to repaint them white from black. In the alternative, if anyone
has a (1/12 scale!) R100S in whole or in part, do you want to sell
some hard bags?
C.R. Krieger
(Soon to be Beemin')
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C.R. Krieger
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i have a r69s in my bike pile. i rebuilt the engine and never bolted it back together. i should paint the tin and bolt it back. collectors seem to want them. my h2 is the only thing that excites me.
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