PS-1 conversion to US-1?

I see where Squadron has the Hasegawa PS-1 flying boat in stock. Anybody got
any idea if it can be converted to the US-1 SAR version and what's involved?
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Jim Atkins
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Quite a bit, including retracting landing gear. Hasegawa included resin parts in their latest version of the US-1, as the fairings had changed during a recent upgrade.
Don H.
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Don Harstad
By the look of the instructions with the US-1 "Rescue Bird" kit (K117), the original kit could be built as a PS-1 or an SS-2. Although both had retractable wheels, I suspect in the case of the PS-1 they were used as beaching gear. The SS-2 option has chunkier gear retracting into fairings. The resin fairings for the US-1 version are bigger still (primarily longer, the undercarriage bits are the same), plus the kit has resin parts for the "boomerang" aerial above the cockpit and an APU (?) bulge on the port side of the fin fillet. Otherwise build as the SS-2 option. Plus new markings, as luck would have it for the aircraft I photographed taking off from the runway at Iwakuni last year.
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Jonathan Stilwell

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