[HO] 40' PS-1 boxcars with 9' doors kitbash

Here's a quick link to the finished models (HO scale):
formatting link

These boxcars were on the roster of:
Chicago & North Western,
Green Bay & Western,
Lancaster & Chester,
Louisville & Nashville,
Milwaukee Road,
Southern Railway.
There are no commercially available models to match these cars, but an E&C
Shops 50-foot PS boxcar kit (also marketed for Branchline Trains) was used as
the basis of a kitbashing project.
Here's a draft of the modeling article:
formatting link

Craig Wilson modeled a GBW and a MILW car, but his method is appropriate for
all of the other railroads -- except for the paint and decals he used.
I haven't attempted this project (yet... but Craig certainly has!) -- I would
appreciate any comments that could help clarify or expand on it. Thanks.
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