Academy Mig 29 cockpit

Hi all, just bought the Academy Mig 29, and treated myself to the
Aires resin cockpit set at the same time.
Couple of questions-anyone know what colour the cockpit interior/
instrument panel should be, ie is the colour available off the shelf,
or is a mix required? You know the thing, it's that unique Russian
blue/green colour........
Also, are there any good tutorials/web sites about handling and
working with resin after market parts?? It's my first time with this
media and I don't want to foul it up..! Or specifically, any tips for
the Academy/Aires kits and cockpit??
Thanks in advance
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I'm sure hannant's used to have Russian Interior Green in the Xtracolour range.. I should have a tub somewhere but can't find it to confirm..
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Tony Gartshore
They don't appear to be that color any more:
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grays and blue-grays.
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Pat Flannery
The later aircraft like the MiG-29 and Su-27 don't use that old green color. Now the pits are more of a blue-grey.
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Dave Williams
mig 29 cockpit color is light gray, instrument panel as well, with blaxk dials "mainman" ha scritto nel messaggio news:
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sergio de amicis

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