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"David Janes" wrote Here, following, is the original charter of this group which is unmoderated, meaning Usenet places no restrictions on it nor supervises its content. And, Usenet most certainly does not prevent us from posting part files, jpegs, iges or any other type of binary file. Where such restrictions exit, they are the sole responsibilty of various news feeds or news servers.

David, Usenet is set up so that messages are text unless the group is designated binaries. You're welcome to look up some info on how usenet works, if you like. Are there usenet police who will write you a ticket for posting a picture to a text group? No. But there are many reasons why it hoses things up for people if binaries are posted to text groups. Please don't only find a lack of a specific statutory prohibition, in support of your desire to post pictures in text newsgroups. Please research the subject so you'll learn why things are as they are. What works best all around is if you refer to a post in a binaries group, or to a URL where you have posted the image/s. There are free places to post pictures. Or just email the person directly if you want to share a file with them.

Virtually every usenet guide mentions that posting to discussion groups should be text only. The nature of usenet is such that it differs from other types of organizations, in that it relies on people understanding and accepting usage traditions based in practical reality, not forced compliance through regulation.

google is your friend :)

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-- Paul

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You forgot to mention that posting in, or forgetting to turn off, html is also considered a no-no in most all groups, both text and binary. You can get flamed for that in some groups. I know, I forgot once, never again.


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