Lalley-Light help wanted

Came in on tonight:
Hello fellow enthusiast, I wonder if you could help me.

My father is an avid Stationery Engine keeper here in the UK. He desperately
needs some help with his latest project, his Lalley Light, F Type. He has been
unable to source any information here in the UK so I offered to use the Internet
to try and secure some help from the country the engine was made.

My father needs a copy of an original instruction book and/or wiring diagram.
Also engine overhaul details (ie,. exploded views of engine and dynamo).

His engine spec is as follows:

Details from the Brass Plate fitted to the control board.
Lalley Light, F Type, serial number 23865, Made by Lalley Electro Lighting
Corporation, Detroit, Michigan.

Details from the Brass Plate fitted to the dynamo
Lalley Light Genertor, 40 volts winding comp, Serial number 312892
Manufactured for Lalley Light Corporation, Detroit, Michigan by The Robbins and
Myers Co, Springfield, Ohio.

Please, please, please can you help me or point me to someone who can?

Kind regards
Joan Spencer-Haley
United Kingdom
Peter & Rita Forbes
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Peter A Forbes
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Point him at Dan he might be able to help.
Martin P
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Well,there was an article in SEM on restoring one of these and he may find some info at
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The article in Issue 291 of SEM covers the restoration of the engine I have recently purchased. I enquired with Eric Brain, who wrote the article, however the only conclusion we came to is that info is scant, and these genny plants are scarce both in the UK and the US. I am also in touch with Roy Haley about his unit, and hopefully should be able to help him out with access to a reasonably complete running unit.
Any further info from anywhere would be much appreciated.
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Dan Howden
Pics of my unit at
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Dan Howden
The generator manf. (Robbins & Myers) still operates in Ohio. Google for address.
Also write a letter to GEM. My index shows the last Lalley photo in 1990.
Lalley ads from 1920 in my rural US newspaper along with Delco. But Delco seems to be the only ones to have survived..
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