Hpm single light switch

Any one help with wiring up a Hpm Australian light switch, as bought from
Big W just want to replace the old cracked round type switch to a new one.
Any help will be much appreciated.
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It is very simple but till you describe which switch and which problem then we can't help you.
But since you do not know then you are not qualified to do it. Electrical work in Australia MUST be done by a licensed electrician. -- John G.
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John G
Do the right thing - ring an electrician. In Australia it's an obligation - not a choice. Sorry. To give advice would be potentially negligent, no matter how simple the problem may be. Wiring systems vary, and with increased complexity, advanced skills and knowledge are required. The wiring may require replacing at the same time if it is as old as your round switch. Older 'rubber' insulated cables can become very brittle and expose bare conductors.
I didn't help you with replacing the switch yourself, but I hope I have encourage you to engage an electrician for the job. Spend the dollars - stay alive.
Registered Electrical Contractor
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