Light switch troubles.

So, I installed a new fan,one that controlls dimming and fan functions from a stand-alone switch that you can mount to your wall and that doesnt require wires and is battery operated. I had to undo a set of wires that served the same purpose of turning both the light and fan off and on so I could attach the dimmer controller in the old switches place. My problem occurs when I turn on the hallway light, which is on the same curcuit as the fan. It trips the CB, (rated at 15 amps). It never did this with the old fan, so I am beginning to think that maybe my wires are wrong. First, I noticed there is no ground wires going to the other light switches near the new dimmer switch. Could that have anything to do with it? Second, could it be a resistence issue? I have a multimeter, but I suspect I would have to create the worlds biggest jumper to measure the resistence in the wire, and I would still need to know how much is acceptable. Any help or expertise would be greatly appreciated.

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It sounds to me like you might have a 3 way switch in the hall. check to see (with the breaker off) if it has 2 or 3 wires going to it. If it is miswired, then yes you are shorting the circuit when you flip the switch.

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