Is this really worth this much?

Take a look at this ebay auction -

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number: 230022321210

He got $1200 for "10 engines 10 cabooses (some of them are metal) 100 box cars + other goodies" as he states it in his listing.

The guy I called today wanted to give me next to nothing for the HO stuff I have. And did'nt care one way or the other about the "extras". Not even the track - 3 footers. Of course I didn't take him up on his offer.

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how do you bid against yourself? It takes two people to run up a bid, unless there's a reserve...then you can keep running up the bid until you hit the reserve...after that, it does the proxy bidding, only raising the bid (up to the max you've bid) when someone else starts bidding against you. Actually, that's what looks like happened. bernard5324 put a 1200 bid in on Aug 24th, and lennox098 kept bidding a little at a time, going in increments of 25, 50 or 100, until he got the winning bid..kind of odd though, he only has 2 feedback, and bernard5324 has none...wonder if there's some shenanigans going on there...

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Watching the bidding patterns on newbies is frequently like this. They frequently have little understanding of actual values and they also get into bidding wars. They also don't understand that the amount they bid above the current high bid will be incremental up to their bid.

When I'm bidding on something, I take a look at how the bids are going. If there are several with little or no feedbacks, I'll generally place my maximum bid and stop bidding on the item.

I've found that something like I'm interested in will probably reappear in the future so if I don't win this one, there's usuall another shot down the road.

I'll bid up to the value I've given something. When the bids get above that, I quit. The only one who wins in a bidding war is the seller.

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Carl Heinz

Yup, but wait till they get their 'Final Value Fee' from eBay! :)

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The Seabat

Yep, I've seen that too...


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Dan Merkel

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