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Hi All,

I'm looking for a supplier of LGB parts, particularly detail parts, like hoses, hand rails, headlamp covers, doors etc..

does anyone know of such a supplier Ideally Germany, US or UK?

Do LGB themselves deal with such requests?

Any help Greatly appreciated.



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Craig Douglas
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I visited Watt's Train Shop north of Indianapolis while of vacation last year, and they seemed to specialize in LGB (several large rooms full of LGB equipment). They list many LGB parts on their web site (see following link). They had a well-stocked LGB repair facility at the shop and may be able to help with other parts if you email them.

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I also stopped at St. Aubin Station north-west of Chicago, who are also very well stocked, and had many parts, although they were not as concentrated on just LGB as Watt's. I do not find parts specifically listed on their web site at
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Gary Q

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