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Hello fellow rail modelers
I have a few Atlas decoder equiped HO locomotive and the decoder/motor is
quite noisy compared to other Atlas models or Kato locos.
Is that normal or are my locos deffective?
Is there a cure for this noise?
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Normand Tremblay
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Hi Normand
I think you will find that Atlas decoders are based and produced by Lenz and they are of the low end of the Lenz range and do not have the silent drive. Hence they run noisey
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Nigel Nichols
Thanks Nigel,
I guess I will put a NCE decoder in them, like all my other locos. Come to think of it, those Atlas are not such a bargain when you figure the cost of replacing the decoders. Live and learn as they say.
Thanks again Norm. "Nigel Nichols" a écrit dans le message de news: d4jjjv$bqu$
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Normand Tremblay
Most locomotive manufacturers use decoder software built by various DCC manufacturers. Often these decoders have features not documented by the locomotive manufacturers.
In the case of Atlas decoders check the value of CV7 and then look at the corresponding manual on the Lenz site.
Many of these locomotives have decoders that have a high frquency silent drive option but most often this feature is turned off and must be activated manualy through a CV setting.
It is impossible to know if you locomotive has this feature or not without knowing the decoder version number.
Stan Ames
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Stan Ames

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