Lima / Roco European [Swiss] Spares

Hi All,
Just took my Lima SBB Re 4/4 II out of the cabinet for the first time in
years and was noticed a grunting and lack of motion, which seemed like
gearbox problems. On dismantling, sure enough the plastic gears that grip
the metal axles had both split.....
...anyone any ideas where I might get service sheets or akward
model-specific parts for swiss lima, i'd imagine there'd be a italian
version of east kent models somewhere??
While I'm at it, I've been looking for a replacement coupling for a ROCO
coach for years (Obviously not very hard), I've tried contacting uk
retailers which sell European outline previously for these parts, but no
The coach is the same model as:
formatting link

the part I've broken carries the number 4223 moulded onto it.
Any help greatly appreciated.
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Craig Douglas
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"Craig Douglas" wrote
Try Arcadia Models in Shaw, Oldham, Lancs. They've been superb in supplying me with spares for both Roco and Fleischmann.
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John Turner
Thanks John,
I'll give them a try.
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Craig Douglas

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