Lionel 1033 Transformer

Still working on this 1033 transformer. Here's what I have: Terminal post A
B = 5.6 VAC , BC = 10.98 VAC.
Now for the variable voltages:
BU Full open = 11.04 VAC, moving counterclockwise the voltage drops to
115 mVAC at a point where the handle pointer is pointing due west. The
pointer continues to rotate another 10 degrees counterclockwise and the
voltage rises up to 4.15 VAC.
AU Full open = 16.62 VAC moving counterclockwise the voltage drops to 5.7
VAC at a point where the handle pointer is pointing due west. The pointer
continues to rotate another 10 degrees toward counterclockwise and the
voltage rises up to7.2 VAC.
1) AB and AU is .5 VAC high. Any problems with this?
2) The little rise in voltage where the handle can be rotated past the low
voltage of the range. Mechanically this occurs when the wiper arm is moved
off of the transformer contact area. Is this normal? It seems as though the
arm is just moving a little too far counterclockwise, but I don't see
anything intended to prevent this and I don't see why the voltage would rise
at this point when the wiper is off the contact area. Any guesses? Should I
chuck this in the trash? Thanks all and Merry Christmas.
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Re Question 1 - No this is not a problem. The transformers are not all made identically the same, and the line voltage in your residence will vary.
Re Question 2 - Unplug the transformer, remove the two control handles and the four screws in the top of the bakelite case, remove the case, and put the black (right) handle back on. With the transformer still unplugged, observe the motion of the speed control wiper as it over-rotates beyond the 270 position. Looking at one of my 1033's, it appears possible that if the wiper over-rotates, it may contact the right 120 VAC grommet, or the line power wire that passes through and is soldered to the grommet, on the phenolic board on top of the transformer assembly. This is the only source I can see to cause a voltage change after the voltage has gone to 0 (on the B to U range) at the 270 position. If this is happening, the transformer is not safe to use, and should be repaired (determine what is allowing the over-rotation and correct it) or discarded. (If you choose to do the latter, contact me [remove the nospam] as I would be interested in buying the 1033 for the case and other spare parts.) Gary Q
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The wiper at full counterclockwise is still 1/4" away from the AC line and grommet. I cannot understand it either. It seems that for the B-U range, if the wiper is not contacting the winding, there should be no voltage at all, unless something is crossed up elsewhere. It does not look like the cut out for the knob is worn and the nub on the bottom of the knob is not deformed so I believe the travel of the wiper is as designed, so something else is amiss. If I cannot rectify this (pardon the pun) any other way, I'll figure a way to not permit travel past the 270 point.
I decided to go ahead and do the diode replacement anyway, because I noticed some heat damage to the circuit board (or whatever you call it) at the location where the plate that holds the rectifier disk mounts to it. I would guess (especially after reading the service manual regarding the need for the resistor wire) that the rectifier disk is susceptible to overheating. It looks as though that may be the case here, so I believe I'll go with the diode.
Thank you for your expertise. Steve
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Do the same tests with a load, even 1 or 2 18v bulbs, & report back. Your transformer seems perfectly fine. 115 mV is essentially 0, due the test under load and you'll see. I'll bet the diode is fine too, test the transformer with the whistle tender and save yourself a lot of work.
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Again I yield to your expertise gentlemen, remembering that I am trying to clean up\ fix up this old train\transformer for a friend. I am very handy with rebuilding model airplane engines, and I have built a couple of bowser HO models with valve gear and all, but I have little knowledge of lionel, old whistle transformers, etc except for the 10-20 hours I have spent reading on the internet and tinkering. So.....
If I understand correctly, lionel usually has the ground on the outside rails and power to the center rail as far as the DC component for the whistle and the 1033 is usually wired such that the U terminal goes to the center rail. This would tell me that the positive side of the DC should go to the U terminal right? So, if I look at the schematic for the 1033 in the Lionel service manual it shows the rectifier facing such that the U terminal would have the negative side of the DC. So which is it? Should the cathode on the diode I am installing go toward the copper contact or toward the metal plate contact (where the red lead and the nichrome resistor wire meet)? I chose a 50V 6A diode. Does that sound sufficient? The biggest that Radio Shack sells these days. Sorry for all of the questions, I would just like to get this done and done right so my friend is still my friend in the end. Thank you again.
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