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I'm after an N scale 40' wood ice reefer in ATSF colours, and I was wondering if anyone knew a manufacturer that made these, and where I can get them from. Someone reliable and who doesn't require a $US100 minimum purchase.

I'm aware that Micro-Trains makes these reefers, but not in ATSF colours.

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Danny TB
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Ice reefers are too early for me, but Intermountain has/had a bunch of road names not too long ago. Their #66109-24 is for one lettered for the Super Chief.


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They might not have what you want, Brooklyn Locomotive works has a large selection of items by numerous manufacturers at good prices:

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This is a reputable dealer. I've never heard anything negative about BLW. I've dealt with them for over 15 years.

Bill Bill's Railroad Empire

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