Looking for model railroaders who are also developers.

Deepwoods Software is looking for model railroaders who are also
software developers to help out with some aspects of the Model Railroad
System. Specificly what is needed:
People to generally test the system and provide some Q&A, esp. under a
MS-Windows environment.
Someone who has a C/C++ and Tcl/Tk build toolchain to build the system
under MacOSX. The code *should* build under MacOSX, but I don't know if
anyone has tried to build it under MacOSX.
Someone who understands libusb-1 and the MS-Windows USB subsystem who
can write the code (scripts, configuration, whatever) needed to launch a
Service Process (eg what would be called a daemon under UNIX) when a USB
device is hot-plugged.
I am working on an interface to NCE's DCC cab bus and will be working on a
LocoNet interface as well. I do have a Lenz XPressNet interface mostly
working and have a working Chubb C/MRI interface working. Also code to
work with Azatrax's MRD units and with PI Engineering's Rail Driver unit.
This would all be unpaid work and would be a few hours every 3-6
months, since the release cycle is fairly slow, with mostly small
incremental changes. The Model Railroad System is a free Open Source
If you are interested, send me an E-Mail.
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