Mangled Railroader Magazine

August 2004 just arrived, looking like someone had been paging thru it with
a back hoe.... I am curious how much it would cost to have it arrive in
good shape?
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David R. Campbell
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I suppose you could ask MR to send it fed ex: then the cost would be about $10. I also suppose if you contacted the customer service number published somewhere in the magazine, they might send you another one.
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Edward A. Oates
They'll send you another one if you call their customer service number. I had this happen a few years ago with an issue of looked like someone had tried to feed one corner into a shredder.
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Speaking from experience, it probably got caught in a conveyor belt at the post office central distribution facility, either in Milwaukee or more likely in your regional PO. I've worked the machinery for 2nd class mail (periodicals), and that does happen from time to time, especially when bundles come undone. Not much you can do. It's just the law of averages.
Jay Americans have the best legislature money can buy. Unfortunately it's corporate money.
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Probably more than it costs to bulk ship then, and replace the occasional mangled copy.
If you call Kalmbach at their 1-800 number, or drop them an email message, they will spend two or three bucks to send you a replacement copy in a paper envelope, and they won't complain a bit.
Don't bother to reply via email...I've been JoeJobbed.
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Jeff Sc.
Indeed, Kalmback will replace it if you contact them. I know this from experience as I've had to do it 4 or 5 times since they spotted sending the magazine in a plastic envelope!
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