MDC ho scale Steam loco parts

Does anyone know where I can get instruction sheets and replacement
parts for some MDC Ho scale Steam Locomotives. I purchased a few
second hand ones and most of the plastic additions require replacement
Thanks in advance
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If googling on "MDC steam locomotive parts" hasn't given you any answers, your only hope is that someone here will have the plans, and is willing to scan or photocopy them for you. But how can such a person help you if you don't say what the models are?
So, first order of business: repost your request with model names/types, eg PRR Atlantic 4-4-2.
Will you get parts? I doubt it, but it's always worth a try. Back up plan: use similar parts from other makers. Walthers catalog has a few pages of detail parts, some of which might suit. Googling on "HO steam locomotive parts" should get one or two sources, too.
Good luck!
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Wolf Kirchmeir

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