A question about Scale Structure Sizes

What scale is "Z" scale. Is it about 1/200 or is it smaller. And if so
what is the size for it. Is it difficult to find any really cheap
buildings in that scale. Or would it better to just get out some real
thin sheet stock and scale down several of the HO gauge buildings on the
copier. Then make paper templets and just build what Structures I need
from plastic Stock and be done with it then. I need them for a Diorama
that I have been doing work on a little at a time.
Does anyone have any suggestions that might help here. The structures
do not have to be perfect but I do want then to look pretty good though.
I've got a Humorous (Mars-Attacks-Type) Diorama that I would like to
finish in time for that Convention I go to in October. It should be
kind of funny if it comes right.
Thanks very much for your help
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Try a google on Z scale, the first source I found mentions that it is 1/220th on
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are numerous pages to look through on the google result alone, Mine came back with 10,700,000 !!!
Would love to see the diorama as I loved that film...post some pics up on the binaries groups when done
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