Kato N scale GP38-2 walkway/railings needed

Hello Everyone,
I recently purchased two used Kato GP38-2 for my roster/layout. Both
engines run very well but the problem is that the original owner tried
to paint them yellow to match the Santafe and there are a few broken
railings on each unit. The walkways and railings are one unit on these
engines. I was going to touch-up the paint and weather the engines to
look like heavily used road units but everything i try to repair the
railings fails. These units have some really nice details added and i
don't want to put them on the dead track just because of the broken
railings. Kato doesn't have any in stock. Does anyone have any idea
where i might be able to find two walkway/railing replacements? Does
anyone know if these are the same part as the GP50? I was told once
they are the same frame. I am not sure of that. Any and all help will
be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Paul Dickash
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