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Firstly groups, then forums and finally social media i.e. Facebook. Usenet is hanging on, but only just.
Happy to share my most recent video, but it is more toy trains than model railways :
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Thanks for posting! Liked the video.
I had to take my layout down a few years ago due to some family stuff that was going on. (Needed the space back). Also had a garden railroad that got taken out in the floods we have had in the last two year. Lost all my outdoor buildings. I am now in a position to set both back up again and just wanted to try and find out what is new in the industry. It does not seem like to many younger people are into MRR. (I am in my sixties).
I am going to keep both setups simple this time. Indoor setup will be O-27 and outdoor will be ("G").
I have O-27, HO, and S. Do not have much left of my S, but may mix that in with my O layout.
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