Question about 2 'HO' truck models (common prototypes)

Scanning the (rather cool) 1/87 Vehicle Galleries, I often come across

2 truck types that are very common in the real world, but not so much in HO-Land. I am wondering if these are only available from Matchbox, which (while they make decent diecast models) are kind of a pain to detail and finish (I know, as I have a Ford 250 cab/chassis which is half completed [and looks a bit wide], and a early 90s GMC TopKick, from Matchbox). The two models, (w pics)

Mack MR (these are all over the place in the real world):

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1960s GMC COE (well, this was common in real life once)
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Are these truck cabs (not the body or chassis - I realize these are custom) available in plastic or resin, or are they just heavily modified Matchbox/Hot wheels models?
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