Re: Atlas GP-38 Hi Nose TAG

Hi everybody,
> I am looking for an ATLAS HO ( stock # 8989) GP-38 hi nose in
> Tennessee Alabama & Georgia
> Any leads would be appreciated
> Peter
FWIW, I was dead on the stick when Atlas came out (should have preordered,
I was told by the local shops) with the GP-38 and 40's. I scoured the locals
looking for GP-38's in G&W and B&P. Had some dealings with Tony's Trains at
The Springfield Show and so called them. They produced one of each at my
door one week later for about $25.00 less than the local shops. A pleasant
experience, you could try them as a source ( they are in MR). I have no
connection with them except as an occasional customer. Good Luck, Tom
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Tom Kirchhoff
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