Athearn GP-35 vs GP-38-2...why price difference?

Athearn has brought out an all new GP35 and also thr GP38-2. Why is the
GP35 more expensive (around $80) than the 38-2 ($70) yet has less
detail than the 38-2?
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The GP38-2 was developed quite a few years later than the GP35...hence higher tooling and production costs. It also has much better detailing than the GP35 does.
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Steve Hoskins
According to you (Steve Hoskins):
The 38-2 was developed later and has better details so it's production cost is higher.
According to "":
The 38-2 sells for less.
Or am I misreading one, or both, of your statements?
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Paul Newhouse
Has Eastern Car Works gone out of business. Their web site is gone and the dealers that I have talked to don't seem to be able to get any orders from them. Walthers lists some of their cars as discontinued.
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The witness is being unresponsive to the question!
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You're okay, was *I* who misread things. Not having a good morning after chemotherapy this week.
Thanks for pointing it out...
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Steve Hoskins
Sorry to hear that. Hoping the best for you.
That's me, Mr. Picky!! *8->
I just read the posts and they didn't fit together quite right?
They could have expected to sell a ot more of the 38-2's and put in a huge initial order and are hoping to get their investment out sooner? Or some other marketing analysis??
They may not be planning antoher GP35 run and figure they can gouge the market a little bit more?
Personally, I've given up on Athearn. I bought a pair of Athearn AC4400CW's. Both weemed to work fine on DC but, after installing a decoder; one worked ok, the other will do nothing. Athearn Help suggested:
We recommend that you try calling Dave at Digitrax (770) 441-7992 to see if he can help you diagnose the problem.
Please note that we cannot test DCC equipped locomotives.
None of Dave's suggestions addressed the problem (Dave seemed like good guy but, it's an Athearn problem). I can swap light boards and decoders the problem follows the frame. The frame seems to be isolated. It was a curiosity at the club but, nobody could get a handle on the problem. That's it for me, no more Athearn (at least not new, maybe some Blue Box specials at a good price but, no more new stuff from Athearn).
For a few bucks more I can get Atlas or Kato. They have always run well for me and the few problems (very minor stuff) have been handled quickly and without "Please note that we cannot ...". Much more like, "No problem, lets get this fixed", ok, they didn't actually say that but, it sure felt like it had been said.
!!! END ALERT !!!
Anyway, there could be a lot of reasons for the strange pricing.
If you get either one (or both), I hope you enjoy it (them)!
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Paul Newhouse
This should have been a new thread. Sorry for the error.
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Dave is one of the good fact, he recently retired from a long career as a Good Guy...but I digress...
I suspect it isn't really isolated...but I don't have it in front of me...
What would happen if you were to loosen the motor, and raise it up from it's normal position, so that there is no possibility of shorting?
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Cheery Littlebottom

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