Re: Stupid Americans Put to Rest

I agree. Surely these folks can find a more resposive forum for this sort of
exchange. The modelrs just don't bother reading it.
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A sensible action! (not reading the rubbish)
Fair enough.
You (the USa) seem to be failing. (by resorting to extreme measures)
I merely keep pointing out that killing people you have "liberated" is extremism and is definitely both illogical and irrational. I'm open to any logical argument that puts forward an alternative viewpoint to defend your nation's actions. In the meantime I still like railways, model railways and discussion regarding them.
Regards, Greg.P. NZ.
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Gregory Procter
Unless the common ground is a deer stand in Wisconsin. Bruce
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Bruce Favinger
I've always said if you "need" to take a 20-shot assault rifle to hunt, you shouldn't be hunting. You should be target shooting.
For those not understanding the reference, a hunter who got thrown off some land took shots at a group of deer hunters. He killed 6 and wounded 2
. Jay
website URL: All the world's a stage - and everybody's a critic.
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In The Newsgroup rec.models.railroad, (article ), Paul R. Davis at says...
I don't, such off-topic and political topics I put on ignore with the newsreader, don't need such posts ! :-).
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Alan Gilchrist
On 11/24/04 4:52 AM, in article, "JCun>> Unless the common ground is a deer stand in Wisconsin. Bruce
He says they shot at him first. Were there any survivors to refute that?
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Brian Paul Ehni

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