Recommendations for How To + Steam era Videos Please

Hi all
I am hoping to get some recommendations from folks for videos/DVDs on
anything to do with the following:
Scratchbuilding - models and locos
Scenery making
Super Detailing
Logging/Mining locos and their associated wagons, accessories, buildings
And footage of 1850 - 1950 steam era railroads with associated lineside
details etc. Particular "road" is not important as I am only trying to gain
general data for modelling inspiration.
I have looked on eBay and there are quite a few advertised, but without
knowing their quality at all, it could add up to serious money to find out
whether they're duds or not.
Finally, my main interest would be for HO modelling, but I imagine all of
the above subjects would apply to any scale.
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There are several railroad films - mostly industry or specific railroad promotional films, with many by the legendary Jam Handy outfit - in the Prelinger archive. The higher resolution versions can take a logn tiem if you don't have high speed net access.
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Steve Caple
Oh My God!!!!
I am going to lose whole SLABS of time at this website!
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