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if you could post digital pictures as to what you have maybe some of the people or ho railway stores can help you. Via this newsgroup.

Brock R Bailey Victoria bc canada

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> Hi all, > > I have recently bought a house and "inherited" loads of model trains, > pretty neat looking stuff, with it, stashed in the attic. I am just > curious as to what could be their value on the market, if at all. When I > look at the bottom of these things they are either "Lima Italy" brand or > "Rocco Austria". They are all in pretty good condition and there are some > steam train model locomotives, for instance, that are simply > breathtakingly beautiful. I am not all that interested in selling them. > But knwoing their value would still be a good thing. I might want to buy > some rails and whatnot to these in the future when my three year old is > old enough to appreciate their value. > > In anycase, any pointers to hobbying sites, ideas as to where I can get > honest assesments on-line, or perhaps buy some rails and controls to these > things, etc, would be much appreciated.
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And yes I was shouting. The newsgroup is a text only medium.

Please post them somewhere and provide us a link to look at them

Howard Garner

Brock Bailey wrote:

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