Update E@N Railway (Vancouver island ) Canada

SRY of BC has just purchased 7 RDC budd cars from via rail canada and they
will be maintained and operated from nanimio bc to victoria each day....SRY
has also purchased from another railway a RDC 4 budd car and they are
planing on having onboard limited food service and city of langford has just
put in a new rail commuter bus transfer point to start transporting people
to work in the mornings...
SRY also will be building a spur line inlangfor to start carrying sand and
gravel to alpine disposal sand and gravel group and sry has bought 30 plus
short 100 ton coal cars which can be dumpd witha rail loader in langford and
also they will new locomotives to be anble to handel the sharp corners on
the eand n railroad...they have recived a federal government funding to
rebuild and upgrade the railway and curent work on replacing the rail and
ties with yellow ceader which will not rot........
any pictures of the new equipment and coal cars welcome as they are still in
vancouver and 3 rdc in helifax at via rail canada repair shops heading back
to victoria shortly.
via rail canada will stii be ticket agent in victoria....but might move back
to esquimalt location when the johnson street bridge is replaced / removed
waiting for federal funding approval.
Brock Bailey
Victoria BC Canada
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Brock Bailey
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Hi Steve,
As far as I know we haven't had an esqimalt beer reefer but one would be nice to see for a ho scale model railway maybe for labatts or for one of the other historic brewarys in victoria.or vancouver island .I have contacted labbatts brewary HQ and asked them for some specific historical imformation but so far no luck yet from....them with any imformation.
Brock Bailey 110-1009 mc kenzie ave victoria bc canada v8x4b1
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