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I have a number of different railroad models from the Eurostar to East German passenger trains to Olympic passenger trains. They are varing gages from O, S, Ho, and N gages. I would like to display them in a display case. I know there are companies that have display cases for sale, but they are expensive. I thought I would like to make my own. Does anyone have plans for a display case? Those of you with large layouts must have display cases of your own. Did you build them or buy them?


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Display cases are really fairly easy to build. They are nothing more than simple casework and the back side is a bit more solid so you can hang the shelves off of it. Hidden dovetails on the case are nice to do if you know how to do them. STraight finger joints are the miinimum. You also want to inlet the back panel so it stays in place. As to size, make sure that you have at least an inch extra width in the glass front to insure easy viewability of the models or the ones near the edge won't be completely visible. For the shelves, you may want to consider drilling some small holes so you can hook the wheels of a car or truck to prevent them from falling if something happens.

-- Bob May

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