E& N Railway Victoria BC Canada

The E & N Railway has a new operations company under contract southern railway of BC ( railink) part of the washington group of companies.

Rail America's contact ended July 1 2006 and the service is now being run by railink.

The railway is owned by ICF Island Corridor Foundation a group of towns,citys, and municipalitys and indian bands on vancouver island.

CP Rail and Rail America tranfered all equipment, buidings ,land and everything that belonged to the E&N Railway to ICF for a canadain federal tax credit

Brock R Bailey Victoria BC Canada

PS Looking for E&N Railways shares from the 1800's and track plans for the esquimalt roundhouse.

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Brock Bailey
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Can't help on the roundhouse track plans, but would like info as well.. do you have a source for the various logging/mining companies on VI? [routes, locations, maps].. Have searched the BC historical records and acquired as many pics of BC rail, logging, mining as I could. Beginning a layout [modular] in On30 and focusing on late 19th, early 20th C operations.

As for the Roundhouse.. you might want to check the Yahoo Group, and ask there

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