RMC still actually printing a magazine?

I regularly bought RMC until it got impossible to find back this past autumn, then I went to their website and subscribed. Six weeks later I got a bill, but had no magazine at that time. I figured as soon as I got a copy I'd send the subscription bill back (it was a "bill me" thing) but no magazine ever came. I then went back to the site and subscribed again with a CC number. They've never billed my card and I still haven't gotten an issue of the magazine. This whole process has stretched across six months, so I'm wondering if anyone out there actually still gets their RMC each month or knows what gives.



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I purchase mine every month at my LHS.

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Brian Smith

I get it in the mail regular as clockwork. I don't know about RMC's website, but judging from Hal Carsten's occasional comments about computers, I don't think I'd bother.

I suggest you use snail mail to subscribe.

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Just checking - do you mean Railroad Model Craftsman, which is fairly reliable to find in the hobby shops (not so much in general bookstores, but that's been the case for a decade or more), or Rail Model Journal, which over the years has become wildly erratic, sometimes seemingly dropping issues at random.

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Sir Ray

I subscribed a little more then a month ago and received my first copy this week. My CC was charged almost immediately after subscribing.

I like the magazine, not so many pictures as in MR but more detailed writing and and less general topics.

Greetz Jan

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Jan(Bouli)Van Gerwen

Every month, like clockworth, in he second week of the month, i.e. in early - mid May I received an issue with June, 2007 cover date

Want me to snail mail you a subscription card from a mag?

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jJim McLaughlin

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