RR Photography in Buffalo NY

I'm going to be travelling to visit family in the Bullalo, NY area. I love to
take pictures of operating RailRoads. I've been to Selkirk, Sunnyside, Busch
Terminal, Fresh Pond etc. I'm looking to photograph in the Buffalo area. Can
anyone give me recomendations as to the best places to photograph?
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There is a small yard that parallels Walden Ave. near the Walden Galleria Mall. you can access it by either driving past Wegman's, or driving past Niagra Hobby Mart. Depending on the day, I've seen some cow-calf combos back there, as well as strings of autoracks, hopper cars, etc. I'm sure there are other spots, but this one is easy to get to, and easy to view now that they've torn down the old steel plant.
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