Shinohara - anyone have used switches or crossovers for sale?

I note many folks are getting out of their Shinohara stuff (and other makes perhaps) due to it being incompatible with DCC. If anyone out there has switches in CODE 100 HO for sale I would love to hear from you.

I am particularly interested in Nickel Silver:

#6 and #8 TURNOUTS of all styles inc. curved.

and #4 and #6 double slip crossovers.

#6 single crossovers left and right hand

#6 three way turnout

#6 Wye Turnout

Also, is there anything I should know about these regarding difficulty motorising them etc?

Finally, if there are other makes of these items that I may be unaware of, please let me know and I will be happy to consider them too.

many thanks


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forgot to mention - please email direct at



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About a year ago, Walthers/Shinohara were turnouts were reworked to be DCC-friendly with an isolated frog. I know at least the code 83 track components were -- were the code 100 changed, too?

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Mark Mathu

I don't think so. They make no mention of it. The club uses Code 100 #6's & #8's extensively. The layout is DC or DCC (toggle one switch) we have had no problems with the switches being DCC unfriendly. We just replaced a hidden staging yard with all #8's Code 100 (17 switches, previously the yard was a hodgepodge of #8's and #6's). It is working quite well. Paul

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Paul Newhouse

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