Silverado Hybrid Automotive

As with the Escalade hybrid and the Chevrolet Tahoe hybrid (which we
recently tested and generally enjoyed), the Silverado hybrid is a full
(two-mode) hybrid. As such, it is able to get on with electric power--
up to 30 mph--or gasoline or a combination of both. In the interest of
retaining a high tow rating, which is more than respectable at 6100
pounds, as well as a 1400-pound cargo payload, the Silverado hybrid
(like all of GM's full-size-truck hybrids) uses a 6.0-liter V-8 with
cylinder deactivation and variable cam timing mated to a 300-volt
electrical system that also provides power to the electric power-
steering system and accessories.
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nico wrote in news:6894cfc3-420d-428c-a744-
The only hybrids we're interested in here are powered by diesel engines and have fuel economy measured in gallons per hour, or gallons per ton-mile! That Silverado had better stop when it sees THIS hybrid coming. Else, it will be torn to pieces!
This might be a good place to link to Operation Life Saver.
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