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Has anyone launched hybrid engines in colder temps, between 32F to 5F. I am going to build a rocket for a hybrid engine and would like to launch it this winter, about the only time of year we can get a field big enough for anything over a G.

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Zak Orion
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Hybrids will work in the winter. However you can not let the tank get cold. Make sure you have a pressure gauge on the NOx tank and try to keep the tank around 700psi. You may want to Make an insulating jacket for the tank while it is out at the pad. Sources for warming at the field are limited. Keep the tank In a warmed vehicle. Do Not Ever Hit The Tank With A Torch To Warm It!!!. Gary Deaver

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How about a "Pratt temperature regulator" in a water tank (drum) that heats water in the winter and cools it in the summer?


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search 'nitrous heater'

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