Timonium Show. Empty! What happened?

What happened in Timonium to the show? Where are the sellers? I went
there and it was empty compared to the past. Dozens and dozens of
dealers cancelled so the hall was very easy to move around in.
Somebody must be losing their shirt over the small size of the show?
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snipped-for-privacy@aim.com spake thus:
OK, time for a fact check on the troll. Is this true about the show?
If so, interesting in that it suggests that at least one of our trolls here likes to ... play with toy trains!
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David Nebenzahl
HA, THE troll talking about others? Yes Steve, unlike you I know alot about trains. I have forgotten more than you will ever know. And yes, Mr. Troll, unlike you I speak the truth. The count I heard was 63 cancelled dealers. But you have worked so hard driving away real posters with you death wishes and sock puppets, let's hope somebody is left here.
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I was with one of the display layouts at the show. There were 26 layouts on display.
It seemed to me to be a lot fewer dealers than normal. The south of the hall that is normally filled with dealers was barely half filled with dealers. NV N-Trak and Ban-Trak had their large modular layouts on that side this time.
I have no idea how many people cancelled. Several dealers left Saturday evening because of the dire weather warnings. I heard predictions of many inches of snow. Parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania did get some snow. In Virginia and Maryland there was much rain, and flood warnings.
There was also a lack of customers. Around 1800 on Saturday, and 500+ on Sunday. I suspect weather was a big factor.
On the plus side, the new caterer was fantastic. Far better than whoever did the previous shows.
IMHO, any lackadaisical performance at this show was due to the horrendous weather reports being broadcast, and the actual rains that fell on Sunday.
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Ken Rice
I seriously doubt it. The thing calling itself "curt" has never posted anything that indicates actual model railroading knowledge or experience. It merely posts very general but contentious remarks, or gainsays factual contributions. See the recent thread re Art Griffin decals for an example.
All the best,
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Mark Newton
As usual, lies from the thing called Newton. I post all sorts of train and modeling related information. You just happen to disagree with me, therefore you say it does not count???
Sorry "MARK" but you don't own this group or the internet.
And it is odd someone like you, who wishes people dead, get cancer, and use every curse in the book on this train board have the nerve to call someone ELSE 'contentious'???????
Mark you are pot and kettle all together. Do YOU have any 'actual' information on this thread or are you just posting yet another flame and attack?
Don't bother answering that we know what you are are "Mark".................
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Mark Newton spake thus:
In all fairness, "it" did make an on-topic post which seemed to show that "it" knew something real about the train show; which, as I said, seems to indicate that "it" actually likes to play with toy trains! Try explaining that to its fellow trolls/vandals ...
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David Nebenzahl
Why is this post needed Mark? Do you have facts on the case or just attitude?
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