Tour de Chooch

Did the Boston, MA / North Shore "Tour de Chooch" happen this fall: 2008?

If so, was it well attended? New venues of interest?

It's my first miss in years.

Thanks, Matt

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Matt Brennan
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You've missed it - it usually is (and was this year again) on the Thanksgiving weekend. I think there were 11 layouts open. I don't recall any new ones this year.

We had 90 visitors on the N scale Montana Rail Link on Sunday- we were quite busy!


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Peter W.

Thanks Peter.

Eleven layouts is fewer than years past. I recall both days in the past offering anywhere between 7 and 10 layouts to visit. I am pleased to read that your layout was well attended. Hopefully, the tour will re-expand by next year. Sorry I missed this time around.


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Matt Brennan

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