Track setup power issue. ZW 275watt & model #1015.

We have a small test setup of O Gauge tracks, with, initially, a small
transformer, either #1015 or Type B (assume the former). We had a
couple of switch tracks included (the ones with the right angles
coming into the main track, with the three connections..
We were able to hook the two wires to the lockon and get power to a
couple of engines, but they didn't move (oiling issue more likely--
they haven't run in years). We tried this with the Tie-Jector,
Wabash, and Rio-Grande engines. the Wabash and Rio-Grande both lit
up, but did not move.
We never got any result with the Tie Jector.
Our tracks were somewhat rusty, but we took scotch pads to them, along
with a wire tipped brush.
The contact parts are now pretty free of rust.
We currently have the LockOn facing OUT of the tracks
circle and using the back of transformer as pictured
|---O O O O
| |-O O O O
| |
| |
we even tried criss crossing the wires
and now nothing at all
What else could we be missing here?
I might of thought there was a bad track issue, but getting initial
power, at the onset of our testing, strikes that down. We only got
power for a few seconds, then nothing.
Looking to you, the hobbyist, for anything we might be missing.
thanks for your help
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Above all, introduce one variable at a time so you know what to trouble-shoot.
Start with a simple oval with no switches. Put a lighted caboose or passenger car on the track and observe that the light gets brighter as you turn up the transformer (or better, get a $10 volt-ohm meter and watch the voltage and make sure it matches the label on the transformer.
Check your track. Rusty track, and rusty track pins hidden inside the ends of internally rusty track, do not conduct electricity. Clean it or replace it.
When you have confidence in the transformer and track, check one powered unit at a time. Motorized equipment that has been dry or damp stored for many years won't run first try. The former need thorough cleaning of old dry and caked lubricants, and the latter need this plus rust removal, followed by proper lubrication. Old Lionel almost always also needs opening the motor, cleaning the motor brushes and brush holders, cleaning of the commutator, and cleaning of the E-unit (remote control reverser) electrical contacts.
Good luck. Geezer
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