what makes for a good layout?

Dear all,
I've just been thinking about the G + D posts, most of us will admit
that its a great layout and one of historical worth, atleast the bits that
most of us have seen published! Perhaps though the truth is a little more
common place, that a truly great layout is one which give the constructor
pleasure, and it wont matter if he/she is 6 years old or 66 years old if the
grass is a sheet of hairy green paper or some rather higher tech flock
material etc, if the buildings are superb handmade renditionss of actual
buildings ( a la Pendon!) or the absolutely tackiest concoction of cardboard
cutouts held together with three pounds of white glue happily oozing all
over the place, the engine might be an S.A.R. Beyer Garrat handmade in brass
and painted by a master or a hornby Thomas the tank engine with only three
wheels that kangaroos around the track circle. If this layout gives the
owner pleasure then its a great setup, ofcourse if we are talking about
epoch making outfits then we are on a completely different track ! At the
moment I dont have a layout , I cant make my mind up on which scale to model
or if I should go Broad guage (GWR) narrow ( anywhere!) or standard , I'm
awaiting a damages claim for injuries caused by a fall which induced a
stroke, if its a "nice" claim I'm thinking of indoor live steam with a
Lynton and Barnstable Loco :) ofcourse I might not get something nice but
then I'll attack what I have and probably go for o scale narrowguage
again...., I have this beautiful layout in my head so I can identify with
Mark to a degree!, but I dont think that we should put him and others like
him down becaus he hant published, Listen and hear what he has to say but
the vicious sort of criticism is so off putting, lets not forget that
A.R.Walkleys layout, the first ever ho scale layout made by 1923 had only
two points (turnouts) yet it had immense operative value , the fact that he
also made his own engines and motors (inventing the scale!) and couplers and
rails and buildings completely from scratch makes his outfit all the more
outstanding. The fact is that today in 2004 most modellers havent reached
the standards he set when he exhibited his layout (The Railway In A
Suitcase) back in 1923, and that Gentlmen (and Ladies!) should give some
people here cause to think.
Standard guage....err Indian...Irish or British or or or........ Isle of
Man :D
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