Woodland Scenics destroyed by fire

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Latest news is: a) No one was hurt; and b) =93Our shipping department, warehouse and corporate offices were spare= d=20 any damage,=94 Cousins [Woodland Scenics director of sales] said, =93as w= ere=20 most of our manufacturing buildings, so it=92s business as usual.=94
Per Kalmbach's Model Retailer Newsletter (on-line news).
Good news, I think.
Wolf K.
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Wolf K
Wolf K wrote in news:guKNq.73693$h94.41917 @unlimited.newshosting.com:
So what actually burned?
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Here's the whole story, copyright Kalmbach Publishing. Wolf K.
=2E.................................................. Woodland Scenics buildings damaged by fire Published: January 6, 2012 A fire struck a pair of buildings at model scenery manufacturer Woodland =
Scenics Thursday in Linn Creek, Mo.
The blaze damaged two small portions of the company=92s manufacturing=20 facilities, said Gale Cousins, Woodland Scenics director of sales and=20 customer service, in an email.
=93The good news is that no one was hurt during the fire or evacuation=20 process,=94 she said.
According to local newspaper the News Tribune, the fire cause of the=20 fire was unknown, and it drained the town=92s water supply. The fire=20 started in a roof area that serves two buildings that are part of the=20 factory.
=93Our shipping department, warehouse and corporate offices were spared=20 any damage,=94 Cousins said, =93as were most of our manufacturing buildin= gs,=20 so it=92s business as usual.=94
Woodland Scenics employs about 150 people, and the entire complex had=20 been evacuated before firefighters arrived, the News Tribune reported.
Nine fire departments and were needed to control the fire, which was so=20 intense that all the available water in Linn Creek was used to combat=20 the fire=92s spread. Water was brought in from neighboring towns and Linn= =20 Creek=92s two water towers were drained, according to the News Tribune.
Linn Creek, located about 50 miles southwest of Jefferson City, Mo., has =
a population of about 250 people. =2E...............................
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Wolf K
I live in the Milwaukee area and I went to Walters at noon Monday to pick up a few supplies. I got talking with the guy at the counter about the Woodland Scenics fire - as has been reported here, their warehouse was not affected. The fire was in the building where they grind foam products.
However, the Walters salesman said that there were a lot of orders for Woodland Scenics products placed by hobby shops last Friday after the fire. Their Woodland Scenics inventory isn't gone, but it was being drawn down.
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Mark Mathu
Was at my LHS (Phoenix, AZ) yesterday (Wednesday). They had just gotten in an order from Woodland Scenics. Several of the packages of ground foam products looked like they had minor (smoke, water?) damage from the fire. The owner and the manager were none too happy about them - don't like the idea of putting them out for sale to customers...
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Thanks for the link. It would seem subsequent posts have indicated it's business as usual... that's good.
Now that the smoke has cleared, so to speak, I have to ask why did the FD have to transport water to the scene?
I live in St. Louis have been to Camdenton countless times... the Lake of the Ozarks is HUGE! Why would they experience a water shortage?
Just a rhetorical question... I had to type it to get it out of my head! ;-)
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The fireplugs use municipal water, so "water shortage" just means that the town's water tank(s) are too small. Which would not surprise me at all, as upgrading the system would costs loadsadough, and people just hate to spend "hard-earned tax-dollars" on the things they actually need.
So you might ask, Why are the fireplugs on the same lines as the drinking water? One reason is cost: you'd have to build two sets of water lines, etc. The other is that the fireplugs are also used when flushing the lines, a regular maintenance practice.
OTOH, as the cost of maintaining a pure water supply escalates, some engineers are arguing that two systems would be cheaper in the long run: one for drinking, bathing and such; and one for everything else. One guy said "It's bizarre to use drinking water to wash the car or water the lawn."
HTH, Wolf K.
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Wolf K

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