Poll: Which is your favorite brand of model paint?

An unscientific poll, strictly for our modeling enjoyment:

Which is your favorite brand of model paint?

Ceramcoat acrylic Floquil enamel Testors Model Master acr Modelflex acrylic Polly S acrylic Scalecoat I enamel Tamiya acrylic Testors enamel Other

You can vote on-line one the home page of

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poll goes through February.

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Mark Mathu
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I don't have a favourite , but I avoid solvent-based paints as much as possible these days. I've used all the listed brands, they all work well. No air brush.

FWIW, I've never been able to specify one favourite this or that, a trait that drive my middle school students nuts. "Sir, what's your favourite music?" "The best." ;-)

HTH Wolf K.

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Wolf K

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