DCC connections and issues.

Just started to get back into model railroading and OO gauge.
As a newbie, needed to run a few simple questions past other model
railway users.
Running Hornby DCC select as my first step into DCC - plan to upgrade
to a better DCC later finances allowing).
Sorry if I listed the issues like bullet points, but felt it would make
each issue easy to reply to.
a) My track layout is now built and using a dual circuit, I have all
the points electro connected for DCC.
Should I supply DCC connection to both tracks using a link wire, even
though the points and track are all live?
b) Running two locomotives (but with two others not selected) in
sidings, runs fine on the DCC controller, but every so often, the
engines both stop and the controller reboots (then both engines resume
running). There are no shorts I can see, and at first I thought it was
points related with the electro connected, but have elimated that. The
power supply is 1amp as its the basic power unit that came with the
Hornby Select. Do I need the larger 4amp supply? or is the 1amp
sufficient? (Also thought a loco was shorting it at one point, but
eliminated that as a cause as well).
c) I have the point motors, enough for each point on my track (6 in
total) and two point controllers each allowing 4 points/accessories.
However wherever I put the DCC point controllers, I am going to be
lucky if the wires from the point motors reached the controller for all
6, dont really want to buy a seperate DCC point controller for each, so
I suppose I need to extend the wires from the points. Is there no quick
easy way to do this without soldering or extending the wires? seems
silly that the wires are so short!
Thanks all!
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